The 2 Sides

The 2 Sides

Just as there are always two sides to every story, two faces to every coin - there are two parts to every person.  There is the face we put on for the world to see; the shiny, well polished and expertly crafted variation of you.  On the flip side of that coin, there is the face, whether we know it or not, that comes through while practicing yoga; the more authentic variation of you.


Flowers are a thing of magic.  They appear out of tiny buds that shows the infinite potential for life.  From the smallest seeds, a tree grows and grows, that tiny seed holding all the information and potential energy needed to produce the frangipani flower I hold in my hand.  That little seed only needed a bit of nourishment from the sun, the rain, the earth and her soil.  Then, little by little, with some patience, its full potential becomes reality.

Rose Coloured Lenses

he color of our lenses make such a difference to our perceptions of the world.  When the world is seen through the eyes of love, it seems bright, happy, sunny and a positive place to be.  On the flip side, when it is seen through the lenses of lost love, it seems macabre, sad, lonely and a frightful place to inhabit.  When in love, everything is in bloom, sunny and shiny, people are nicer, you are kinder, the sun is more yellow and the stars twinkle brighter.  Each of these states are temporary of course, and each one will come and go for years to come

A non-snowy winter

I was looking through my phone recently and came across a picture from my parents of the backyard of the house I grew up in covered in snow.  “winter wonderland”.  Waves of nostalgia washed over me.. I remember the days we would have off from school because the snow was too high for the school bus to make it to our houses.  On those days we would strap on our snow pants and boots, bundled up in jackets and hats and rush outside to the awaiting untouched fresh snow of the back yard.

Connection and Tears in Yoga

This morning, Les Leventhal, one of my favorite yoga teachers, was in Sydney putting on a workshop.  His classes always seem to provoke some kind of insight or deep, intense feelings in me.  Last time I practiced with him in Bali, I had this sense of shedding the external layers of who I am to get to my inner being, throughout the progressively more challenging sequence he taught [link to post].   Today his workshop reveled an intense sadness, loneliness and the desire to be held and taken care of.  Not such a nice insight as last time but a very important one nonetheless.  I woke up this morning feeling this way (without actually knowing it until later). 

Pulling off the bandaid

I recently made a ridiculously difficult, challenging and major life changing decision...One I ruminated on for a very long time and kept putting off and putting off.  I delayed making the decision because it just seemed too hard, too daunting.  I can't begin to tell you the mental energy I spent on thinking about what to do - I weighed the pros and cons, I contemplated all the possible outcomes of my decision, I went back and forth, back and forth. It was so mentally exhausting, I frequently got sick and had to spend a few days resting in bed.  It was so scary, I shoved the decision into the recesses of my mind, burying it under the dirt and thought about anything but.