Chair Yoga Workshop


This 2 hour workshop is designed to bring yoga and it's mental/physical benefits to anyone and everyone.  Chair yoga is a great way to practice with a little extra support if needed.  You will leave with the tools to create a practice for yourself while sitting at your desk at work, on the sofa at home or even in an airplane seat!   


We will offer you creative and outside of the typical yoga box ways of:

  • connecting to the body
  • building strength
  • increasing mobility
  • reducing stress and,
  • improving mental clarity.  

We'll finish the practice with a blissful yoga nidra (a guided relaxation/meditation technique practiced lying down or in any comfortable position).  During which, you'll be talked through a deep physical relaxation followed by guided imagery to open your mind and release thought patterns that aren't working anymore.  

This workshop is catered to help you find stress relief, relaxation and a moment to unwind from busy days.  You do not need any prior experience of yoga and don't need to be flexible.  We can tailor the practice to best take care of any health concerns you may have.