Corporate Yoga & Meditation

A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your greatest product.
— Richard Branson


Yoga or meditation in your office

Wellness events

8 week sessions

6 month & 1 year packages

After many years working as an advertising and marketing professional in New York City, I can empathise with the stress, pressure and fast paced environment at work. 

As I personally know how useful my yoga and meditation practice was for my health and well-being, it would be my immense pleasure to assist you and your colleagues with classes in your office, tailored to suit your needs and physical abilities. 

I have six years experience designing and teaching corporate yoga classes. I look forward to working together



  • Reduced stress / Increased productivity / Boosted moral / Encourages bonding and open lines of communication / Improved strength and flexibility / Higher energy levels / Increased creativity / Increased health & well-being

Past Clients: 

Law Firms / Advertising Agencies / Real Estate Company