During a recent class, while I was teaching and then letting savasana happen, something amazing occurred to me.  Savasana is a powerful pose.  I mean we know this, but at this moment, a few minutes into my blah blah about letting go and sinking into gravity, releasing tensions and letting the practice integrate, I just sat back and marveled.  I marveled at these 16 strangers and the fact that they were all able to lie down in each other's presence and be comfortable.  That these 16 people were trusting enough of their environment, of me, of each other, to lie face up, arms out stretched, legs splayed open, eyes closed.  That, my friend, takes trust.  Think about it for a moment.  Would you lie that way in the middle of a store?  In the middle of a friend's house?  Even in the middle of your own house for more than a minute or so?  Even if you would, would you be able to relax, to nearly fall asleep? The answer for me, (except for in my own house) is no.  But there is something about the power of yoga, about the power of breathing, moving, collaborating and uniting as a group that allows for everyone to feel totally fine lying face up, eyes closed for 10 minutes.  It's a vulnerable thing to take savasana and I want to honor that.