For the love of yoga

Let me illustrate why I love yoga so much. The other morning, the alarm goes off at 5am to get me down to Bondi for my 6:30am class.  I fight tooth and nail against waking up, snooze the alarm twice.  I'm screaming inside as I get ready and trudge off to class.  On the bus ride back, my mind is going nuts - bouncing from thought to negative thought.  The definition of a monkey mind.  I'm thinking about how hot it is, how I wish I had a car because this bus is annoying, how my thighs are fat.  I should run when I get home, or maybe I'll bike instead.  But it's just so hot, I'm seriously dripping in sweat.  I really could go for a coffee, but no, no coffee, I gave that up.

I arrive home, feed and walk Allie dog.  She is probably wondering what is wrong with me, why I'm so snappy.  Then, pause.  Hang on a minute, what am I doing?  I need yoga.  I roll out my mat, turn on the new playlist I'm testing out and lie down.  I start to breathe.  Good, I'm glad I didn't bike or run.  It's much cooler inside than out and I'm glad we haven't need Air Con this summer.

Breathing, inhale, exhale.  Start to move, knees into my chest, twisting, sit up.  Let's see, intention - love myself more.  Do some cat/cow, modified side plank, testing out a new warming up sequence I think I'll teach.  Inhale, exhale, sigh.  Feeling better already.

What am I going to teach at corporate later?  Maybe I should go to the beach when I'm done with my practice.  Down dog, plank, cobra flow.  My shoulders feel better after that massage I got the other day.  Easier to inhale.  Flow through a few sun salutations, breathe, plank hold.  Interesting, if I pull my hands toward my feet it does really firm up my shoulders.  Sun salutation B, I think I only need one of those today, warm enough.  Flow though some warrior IIs, a triangle, half moon.  Twisting half moon?  Nope, not today.  Just breathe.  Inhale lift, exhale, forward fold.  Pause _____

Other side, let's see, inhale here?  No exhale feels better.  Oh my left hip is a little tender.  This song is good with this flow.  Yes, yum good _______.  How do I match the breath with each of these postures?  Ah that works.  There we go. ______.  Life is good, my body feels free.  Balancing, tree, eagle, dancers pose.  Breathing ________.  Bridge, breathing _______

Twist.  ______  Recline pigeon ______ pause.  inhale, exhale ______.  Savasana, rest ________________________.  Wiggle my toes and fingers, sit up.  ___________peace.  nothing else remains, it has all drifted away.  Thank you yoga, you continue to amaze and inspire me.