Savasana - Deep Rest

Savasana For Deep Relaxation


Restorative yoga and periods of rest throughout the day or the week can give you the mental clarity to meet your life with grace and ease. When we are relaxed, we are kinder, more patient to others and ourselves. After relaxation, life seems a little easier.

This pose is for those times when you’re too exhausted to do much of anything, for when you need to stop, lie down and connect inward.

Take 10-15 minutes in savasana to restore your nervous system and refresh your mind and deeply heal your body.

Let whatever you do today, be enough.




Set up: 
Easy version - lie down on the floor. Legs outstretched, arms by your side at a 45 degree angle.

Prop options: 
Blanket under head to support your neck.  Bolster or rolled blanket under your knees for lower back safety. A blanket to cover your body.

Being there: 
Settle in with a few deep breaths - in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
Continue to breath naturally and with awareness.  Let your shoulders, back and neck relax.  Allow the floor to fully support you as you let go.

Good for resetting the nervous system
Soothes the body and mind
Refreshes the system
Relieves stress and fatigue
Relaxes your muscular and mental tension

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