Restorative Yoga for Exhaustion

A Restorative Yoga Pose to Revive 


If we run around frantic all day it is inevitable that we crash at some stage.  This may be the 3pm lethargy that leads to a coffee break.  It may be the cold that hits hard and you can't get out of bed.  It could look like the back injury that prevents you from moving much at all.  

Restorative yoga and periods of rest throughout the day or the week can give you the peace to slow down.  To not have to crash in order to reboot.  Stopping for a few minutes each day to just be can work wonders for your system.  Your soul is happier when we're quiet for a moment or two. 

This pose is for those times when you feel so tired from your busy day.  When you feel exhausted from having to meet deadlines, get things done, make people happy... 

Take 10-15 minutes in this supported back bend to revive and refresh your energy without leaving you feeling more depleted.  Nourishment for your body through this place of quiet reflection. 

Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure out everything all at once. Breathe. You’re strong. You got this. Take it day by day.
— Karen Salmansohn


Goddess Pose


Set up: 
Grab two blocks and a bolster.  Set one block up on the highest height at the top of your mat.  The second on the middle height 15 cm. away from the first block toward the middle of your mat.  Lay your bolster over with one end propped up by the two blocks.  Your bum is on the floor and your spine supported by the bolster.

Legs can be straight or souls of the feet together, knees to the sides as shown in the picture above.

Prop options: 
Blanket under head to support your neck.  Blanket under your hips to ease your lower back.

Being there: 
Settle in with a few deep breaths - in through the nose and out through the mouth. 
Continue to breath naturally and with awareness.  Let your shoulders and heart relax open.  No need to hold yourself up.   

Good for resetting the nervous system
Soothes the body and mind
Refreshes the system
Good if laying flat on your back causes anxiety

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