Rose Coloured Lenses

The color of our lenses make such a difference to our perceptions of the world.  When the world is seen through the eyes of love, it seems bright, happy, sunny and a positive place to be.  On the flip side, when it is seen through the lenses of lost love, it seems macabre, sad, lonely and a frightful place to inhabit.  When in love, everything is in bloom, sunny and shiny, people are nicer, you are kinder, the sun is more yellow and the stars twinkle brighter.  Each of these states are temporary of course, and each one will come and go for years to come.  The trick is to remember that one state is not more real or less real than the other.  That both are simply a lens through which to view the world.  Neither provides the real truth, the actual view or the reality that we are supposed to be trying to find through the practices of yoga.  

After all, I much prefer the rose colored glasses, in fact I might go so far as to say I'm addicted to wearing them.  I find it hard to take them off, the light is blinding or it doesn't shine at all.  I like love, I love love.  I love the feeling of champagne bubbles in my stomach, the jolt of electricity that shoots through my veins when I'm in love.  I love the brightness of other people in my presence when I'm in love.  I love feeling alive, feeling fueled with desire, purpose and a sense of lightness, freedom, like life is the best thing in the world.  Each day is a miracle and I am truly happy to wake up each morning.


Through the practices of meditation, of inner silence and of yoga, we can, (at least so I hear), experience these same states.  This same sense of connectedness to all things, of wonderment about the world, of appreciation and excitement.  I believe, this is why love is such a powerful force.  Because it gives us a taste, a small sliver of a glimpse of the state of ananda, bliss, about which the yogis speak.


Love for another person, is dependent on something other than ourselves.  Love for another is dependent on that other.  It's a transitory state that shifts and ebs and flows depending on the external stimuli (the other person, the situation you're in, the activity you're doing etc.).  Yoga love, yoga bliss, is different.  It is a form of love that is felt irrespective of anyone or anything else.  It's there no matter the weather, no matter the other people who may come and go in our lives, it's always there.  Through emotional love, we can glimpse this, through love we start to understand what might be possible in this precious human existence.  If we never experienced that first taste, we would never grave more. Thus, love is the gateway, the doorway through which we can start to pass to access true bliss, true ananda.  Keep meditating my friends and you will start to see all you seek is already within you.